your Technology Handyman

Providing computer services for your home, home office and small businesses.
On-site repair, maintenance and virus/malware removal, Computer Prep.
Networking, Whole House & Business WiFi, Building to Building WiFi interconnection.
Access control systems.
Sound Reinforcement / Live Sound Engineer.
Technology integration and more.


I can help you decide and take an informed decision for your next equipment buy for your personal and business needs. Electronics these days are so diverse that uninformed and inexperienced people end up wasting a lot of money. Let me help you stay within budget and with the best equipment for your needs.

Wi-Fi & Network Support

We can provide you with Multi-Wan redundancy for continuous operation using various proven methods. Multi-Wan, Load Balancing, Fail Over are just some of the methods available. Router Upgrade, new cabling, network reconfiguration and equipment optimization, to ensure you network performs as it should.

Your Ideas

We can help you fulfill your ideas into reality. From Web Pages to Computers and from Security Cameras to Access Control. FaceBook Business Page, Web Page Catalog or Store, Mass-Mailings (e-mails), Video Intercoms, Computer Training. We are here to help.


Security Solutions & Services

Our Experience
Over two decades of troubleshooting experience in the field of computers service and repairs, Web hosting, WebPage e-Store, Domain management, Microsoft 365, Internet security, Local network management and security, Financial programs troubleshooting and Live Sound Reinforcement. This experiences gives me the tools to tackle situations and problems others can’t.

Out of the Box Service Agreements

Our service agreements are more of an On-Call priority service than the conventional hourly segmented block of service. This gives us the ability to serve our clients at any time and any day (or night) without affecting the rate, and just adjusting it from time to time using the historical usage of each client, thus making it cost effective for both the client and us.


What We Offer

Premium services that will exceed your expectations.

PC Maintenace & Live Sound

Complete PC maintenance for your business as if you have an IT department, but for a fraction of the cost.
Need a Live Sound engineer for your event, or need help to setup your new digital mixer, experience makes a difference, call us. Churches welcome.

Web Design & Maintenance

We design your Web Site and maintained. Mass mailings! No problem , we do that also. FaceBook Pages too.

Access Control & Security

Problems with your access control system, let us help you. We also install & support Paradox security systems alarms and other security related products, including security cameras, IP cameras, DVR & NVR systems


Our Philosophy

Service with respect and dedication to our customers. Fair, reasonable fees, and honesty.

What we do?

Are you looking for troubleshooting a problem? Then you found the right place!


We will resolve your problem, if for whatever reason we can’t do it ourselves we point you in the right direction. So you don’t waste more time and money.

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